JKS Innovative Construction Private Limited was among the first of companies of its type to achieve ISO 9001 Certification. Our success at being among the leaders in our industry is based on providing quality construction related services that exceed the needs of our customers. We achieve this success by providing an experienced and responsive team of professionals with a common goal to satisfy the customer. Our philosophy of continual Improvement is a vital element in our quest to be among the best. We continue to build upon a positive reputation in the construction industry, as we commit to quality servicing for our customers.

  • Provision of processes, tools, training, and expertise to improve the identification and resolution of quality issues.
  • Focusing on human behaviors that drive "right the first time" quality.


JKS Innovative Construction Private Limited is dedicated to providing its employees and those of its contractors and subcontractors a safe working environment. The practice of diligence, good judgment and common sense by all project team members helps to create an environment in which the rate of incidents is substantially reduced. Since our foundation, we have been devoted to building a culture that promotes an injury-free environment. To do that, we have developed extensive training and education modules designed to minimize and eliminate personal injury, property damage and all associated costs. These ongoing programs provide our people and our partners with the knowledge and resources they need to keep themselves and each other safe.

Training and Development

With the objective of filling gap between existing and desired pool of knowledge, skills and competence, regular training programmes are organised at all levels. We believe that with training and development programmes overall performance of the organization continually improves and hence its capability to satisfy internal and external customers.

  • Behavioural Training
  • Safety Training
  • Induction Training
  • Technical Training